Blackcore Support Script

Modified on Wed, 06 Dec 2023 at 02:15 PM

The Blackcore support script collects system information from Linux systems to aid in diagnosis of customer problems.

Please run the script when instructed by our support team, or when submitting a new ticket.


  • Copy the script to your Linux host via preferred method.

Download Link

wget -O
  • Make sure the script is executable
chmod +x
  • Run the script via
  • Once run please upload or send us the collected "blackcore.[serial].[timestamp].log" - See example below:

The script has additional run modes like so:

To get usage, try './ --help'

Usage: [OPTION]

--help              -h         Print usage info
--directory <dir>   -d <dir>   Log output to directory dir (default /logs/)
--filename <fn>     -f <fn>    Log output to filename fn (default bc.<serial>.<datetime>)
--serial            -s         Print serial number then exit
--dont-compress     -!         Do not compress output to .tar.gz archive

-a         Do not output all info (used with below options)
--dmi                 r         Output DMI info
--network             n         Output network info
--os                  o         Output OS info
--dmesg               m         Output dmesg info
--ipmi                i         Output IPMI info
--pcie                p         Output PCIE info
--hardware            w         Output hardware info
--sfboot              b         Output sfboot info

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