How to Raise a Support Ticket

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Please search our knowledgebase to see if your question has been answered before. 

Initial Contact and Incident Reporting

Please email or open a ticket directly via the support portal.

Via Portal

In your browser, navigate to

Please log in, or sign up if this is your first time logging a ticket. If you are unable to sign up, please contact us by email and we will activate an account for you.

Once logged in, click Submit a ticket in the top right of the window

Fill in the form, providing as much information related to your system, and the support request as possible. 

    For quickest resolution, where possible, please run the Blackcore Support Script.

This can be attached to the ticket by clicking the 'Attachment' link at the bottom of the form.

If you are unable to run the script and upload the support log, please fill out the form with as much information as possible.

Once you submit the ticket, you will receive a confirmation email. Estimated response times are 4 hours. You can continue to use the Blackcore Support Portal to view the status of your tickets, and add more information if required. You can also respond directly via email and responses will be added to your ticket.

Via Email

Please include the following information where applicable:

  • An overview of your question or problem
  • The system serial number - See: How Do I Find My Serial Number?
  •  For quickest resolution, where possible, please run the Blackcore Support Script. 
  • If not possible, please detail as much about your environment as possible, for example:
    • OS release + kernel version
    • Grub boot options ('cat /proc/cmdline')
    • 'dmesg' output
    • CPU temperature under production load
    • 'ipmitool sensor list' output
    • Unit physical location

Our typical response will be within 4 hours during UK business hours. 

Remote Resolution  

Once the ticket has been received by technical support, they will contact you and try to help fix the issue remotely. In the event a remote fix is not possible and the unit is currently covered by warranty, our support engineer will kick off the Box Swap replacement process 

Shipping time of replacement unit  

Upon approval of a Box Swap, we will begin the process of shipping a replacement unit for you. The exact resolution route will depend on your warranty package. Once the replacement unit is ready, you will be contacted for delivery and ticket reference information if required.

For more information on warranty packages, see here.

Media Retention

Please note, unless otherwise agreed, it is expected that customers will retain any SSDs and NICs from the faulty system as we appreciate the need to retain sensitive data. This also allows you to get back up and running with an installed system and any MAC routing intact. 

RMA systems will not be shipped with SSDs or NICs.

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