SPR-M / SPR-X IPMI Firmware Update Guide

Modified on Tue, 05 Dec 2023 at 11:32 AM

To update your Blackcore SPR IPMI Firmware, please follow the following steps.

For firmware files, please contact support.


Before updating firmware, it is recommended to save your existing configuration

Saving Existing Configuration

  • From the IPMI webui, navigate to "Maintenance -> Backup Configuration"
  • Tick "Check All" box
  • Click "Download" button
  • Your config file will be downloaded to your local machine. Please rename appropriately
    • The file format is "<filename>.bak"

Updating IPMI Firmware


  • From the IPMI webui, navigate to "Maintenance -> Firmware Update"
  • Click "Choose File", and select the firmware file provided by the Blackcore support team
    • This will be in the format "<filename>.ima"
  • Click "Start firmware update"
  • You will see the following screen:
    Note the default mode will overwrite all existing settings

  • To preserve existing configuration, please tick "Preserver all Configuration" checkbox, or adjust settings in "Maintenance -> Preserve Configuration" prior to flashing.
  • Click "Proceed to Flash", the file will now be uploaded to the BMC
  • Once uploaded, you will be given an version-compare overview
  • Click "Flash Selected sections" and accept the message prompt, the firmware will now flash
  • Once flashed, the IPMI will reset, this will make the interface inaccessible for a number of minutes
  • Once the flash is completed, the webui will come back up and you will be able to log back in

Via Linux

  • Download the IPMI firmware flash tool ("yafuflash") and IPMI firmware file ("<file>.ima") provided by Blackcore support to a folder on the host system

Note: you can use "wget" command on the links provided by Blackcore Support to download the files to your system. 
For example: 
wget <link provided> -O yafuflash 
wget <link provided> -O firmware.ima

  • Execute the following command to flash the IPMI firmware

# Make the file executable 
chmod +x yafuflash 
# Update the Firmware 
sudo ./yafuflash -KCS -full -non-interactive -preserve-config firmware.ima 

Note: "-preserve-config" flag is not needed if you want to wipe all data 
Note: This process is slow and can take 10 minutes or more! Do not interrupt the flashing process under any circumstances.

  • You will see the below output

  • Once flashing has completed, the BMC will reset, this can take a further 5 minutes.
  • After the BMC has reset, you may need to reload the IPMI driver in Linux before you can run commands like "ipmitool"

# Reload IPMI driver 
sudo modprobe ipmi_si 
# Check IPMI version 
sudo ipmitool mc info 
# Check IPMI IP 
sudo ipmitool lan print 8

If config was not preserved, IPMI user and password will reset to defaults, this is:

Version 1.60.10 or higher:
    User: admin
    Pass: admin123

Version 1.60.1 or lower:
    User: admin
    Pass: admin

You will need to login once, and will be prompted to update the default password

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